Curse in the Stones

Volume 1 of the Chronicles of Xol

Ash, an orphaned peasant boy, survived an unnatural plague at a copper mine with help from a mystic healer. He was adopted by a noble house and educated as a gentleman—a house where every male heir in the bloodline is burdened by a debilitating curse.

Years later, the long-lost Prince Glea returned after forty years gone at sea. Still youthful as the day he sailed, he could not explain how he gained immortality. When his doubting brothers called him a pretender, he waged a civil war to reclaim his royal birthright.

Ash, as a grown man, takes up arms on behalf of his adopted household to support restoring Prince Glea to the throne. But in the aftermath of battle, he discovers an ancient secret that reveals the truth of his childhood trauma. Now, he must choose to make a sacrifice to save his prince and every living thing in the world.

Volume 2: Only Bones Remain

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Volume 3: Candor’s Vengeance