Tag: Fiction

  • Curse in the Stones

    Curse in the Stones

    Volume 1 of the Chronicles of Xol Ash, an orphaned peasant boy, survived an unnatural plague at a copper mine with help from a mystic healer. He was adopted by a noble house and educated as a gentleman—a house where every male heir in the bloodline is burdened by a debilitating curse. Years later, the…

  • Wish and a Star

    Wish and a Star

    Constance Kirby has lost her way. Approaching middle age, and working a dead end job, she is at her wit’s end caretaking for her grumpy, housebound father. When the ghost of silent film star Rudolph Valentino visits her, can she get her life back on course?

  • Only Bones Remain

    Only Bones Remain

    Volume 2 of the Chronicles of Xol She lost a war… Ravel, a captain in her father’s cavalry unit, alone survived the defeat of her prince and country at the end of a civil war. Now, she is a fugitive without a home. He won a kingdom… Prince Glea returned after forty years lost at…

  • Truth In Cinders

    Truth In Cinders

    Condrie the tavern maid befriends a man on the run only to discover he is a firebird disguised in human form. Together they must elude the tyrant king’s relentless forces while seeking the truth of who massacred other firebirds enslaved to the king.

  • Blighted Touch

    Blighted Touch

    Coming Soon