Only Bones Remain

Volume 2 of the Chronicles of Xol

She lost a war… Ravel, a captain in her father’s cavalry unit, alone survived the defeat of her prince and country at the end of a civil war. Now, she is a fugitive without a home.

He won a kingdom… Prince Glea returned after forty years lost at sea. Still youthful as the day he sailed, he could not explain how he gained immortality. When his doubting brothers called him a pretender, he waged a civil war to reclaim his royal birthright in blood. Now, he must deal with the aftermath.

One chases the sky… A nobleman scholar avoided the civil war to embark on a solitary quest. Lord Torval must elude his pursuers long enough to find what he seeks. More innocent lives are at stake than anyone knows, and only he holds the key to their survival.

Volume 1: Curse in the Stones

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Volume 3: Candor’s Vengeance